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Lab Reports (COA's)

Exotic THCA Flower

 Eagle Scout  -  Sativa  -  28.94%
Gelati  -  Sativa  -  30.95%
Gelato Mimosa  -  Sativa  -  28.74%
OG Kush  -  Sativa  -  29.71%
Starburst - Sativa - 27.64%
Trop Cherries  -  Sativa  -  26.35%
Blockberry  -  Sativa Hybrid  -  38.52%
Cereal Milk  -  Sativa Hybrid  -  27.41%
Orange Creamsicle  -  Sativa Hybrid  -  29.18%
Sour Garlic Cake  -  Sativa Hybrid  -  28.32%
Tropicana Banana - Sativa Hybrid - 32.0%
Apple Fritter - Hybrid - 25.90%
Blue Cherry Gelato  -  Hybrid  -  29.82%
Peanut Butter Breath - Hybrid - 30.0%
Sherbert - Hybrid - 25.98%
Slurty - Hybrid - 30.14%
Trop Santo - Hybrid - 33.0%
White Coconut Pie  -  Hybrid  -  28.46%
Wonderbread  -  Hybrid  -  29.01%
Zoap - Hybrid - 25.40%
London Pound Cake  -  Indica Hybrid  -  27.78%
Miracle Alien Cookies  -  Indica Hybrid  -  26.37%
Platinum OG  -  Indica Hybrid  -  26.17%
Strawberry Guava  -  Indica Hybrid  -  33.51%
Alien E.T.  -  Indica  -  31.24%
Bonsai Cookiez  -  Indica  -  27.1%
Frankenberry  -  Indica  -  28.85%
Gas Truffle - Indica - 33.38%
Granddaddy Purple  -  Indica  -  27.33%
Greasy Zkittles  -  Indica  -  36.4%
Ice Cream Cake  -  Indica  -  26.88%
Monkey Berries  -  Indica  -  32.48%
Oreoz  -  Indica  -  34.54%
Purple Urkle  -  Indica  -  27.23%
Top Gun  -  Indica  -  29.5%
Vanilla Frosting - Indica - 33.35%



Mary Jane's Paradise Pure THC Cartridge (2mL)
Rosin Roots Delta-8 + Delta-9 THCP Cartridges (2mL)
Royal Remedy THCA + HHC-O + THCV Cartridges (1mL)
Timeless HHC Blend Live Resin Cartridges (1mL)
Wild Flower Co. HHC Blend Live Resin Cartridges (2mL)
Zero Gravity THCA + Delta-9 THCP Cartridges (2mL)



Power House 90% THCA Disposables (1mL)
Power House Straight Fire 92% THCP Disposable (0.3mL)
Rosin Roots Delta-8 + Delta-9 THCP Disposables (2mL)
Royal Remedy D8 + D10 + THCP Disposables (2mL)
Sacred Leaf Special Blend 3300mg Disposables (3.3mL)
Timeless Limitless Live Resin Sativa Disposable (2mL)
Timeless Take A Break Live Resin Hybrid Disposable (2mL)
Timeless Sweet Dreams Live Resin Indica Disposable (2mL)
Wild Flower Co. HHC Blend Live Resin Disposables (2mL)
Zero Gravity HHC Blend Live Resin Disposables (2mL)



Celestial Cannabis Delta-9 Cannabis Cocktails
Celestial Cannabis Delta-8 Cosmic Crunch Bites
Celestial Cannabis HHC Cosmic Crunch Bites
Elevated Active 20ct Edibles
Elevated Bliss 20ct Edibles
Elevated Socialize 20ct Edibles
Elevated Unwind 20ct Edibles
Higher Ground Good Morning Edibles
Higher Grounds Good Evening Edibles
Higher Grounds Good Night Edibles
Power House Rainbow Asteroids 250mg
Power House HHC Halos 2500mg
Power House Mystical Rings 2500mg
Power House K.O. Belts 5000mg
Rosin Roots 500mg Delta-9 Live Rosin Syrups
Rosin Roots 300mg Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies
Rosin Roots 680mg Delta-8 Live Rosin Gummies
Royal Remedy Lavender Haze Chocolate Bar 300mg
Royal Remedy Premium Delta-8 Edibles 30ct
Royal Remedy Premium Delta-9 Edibles 30ct
Royal Remedy Premium HHC Edibles 30ct
Sacred Leaf 1000mg Premium Blend Edibles
Timeless Limitless Sativa Edibles
Timeless Take A Break Hybrid Edibles
Timeless Sweet Dreams Indica Edibles
Wild Flower Co. 1500mg Live Resin Delta-8 Edibles
Wild Flower Co. 3000mg Live Resin Blend Edibles
Zero Gravity Heavy Hitter Edibles 1000mg



Higher Grounds 3000mg THC Free Gummies
Higher Grounds 3000mg Relief Gummies
Higher Grounds 3000mg Sex Gummies
Higher Grounds 3300mg Sleep Gummies
Higher Grounds 3300mg De-Stress Gummies 
Rosin Roots Berry Kush CBD + CBN Sleep Disposable (2mL)
Rosin Roots Blue Dream CBD + CBG Relief Disposable (2mL)
Royal Remedy Premium CBD Edibles
Royal Remedy Premium CBG Edibles
Royal Remedy Premium CBN Edibles
Seed to Soul CBD Relief Tincture 1500mg
Seed to Soul CBD Calm Gummies
Seed to Soul CBD Sleep Gummies

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